Rocket League Going Free to Play This Summer

Psyonix announced today that the long-held rumors of Rocket League going free to play are true and that their generation-defining smash hit will soon go free to play on PC. The free to play launch will coincide with the game becoming available on the Epic Games Store. This version will be content-identical to the existing versions, but the free to play launch ends the era of the game being available for sale on Steam.  Cross play will still be enabled – so if you own it on any other platform, you will still be able to play it. However, what isn’t known yet is if other platforms will get the free to play version.

It would appear that all versions will be playable still and be downloadable if you had them as a download before, while a physical version will always be fine. All versions will also go free to play – so F2P won’t be exclusive to PC. This should do wonders for the Switch version gaining new players and will allow the game to reach new heights as both a portable and home-based game without a paywall.  Pre-free to play users will be rewarded with all Rocket League-branded DLC in the game when the F2P version launches, alongside an EST 20XX title for the first year you played the game.

There will be over 200 common items given a new legacy quality, whatever that means, and new boosts, banners, and wheels. EGS integration allows you to keep any progress made between the EGS version and whichever platform you tie your EGS account with. The shift to free to play is huge for Rocket League and should help it remain a top-tier game for years in terms of retaining its player base, but if it goes EGS-only for digital distribution, that could hurt things and erode some of the goodwill earned over the years with this finely-tuned and fun game.