Rogue Company Now Available in Early Access on PC, Consoles

Hi-Rez Studios has put out some rock-solid shooters in the past, with Paladins being their most highly-regarded. Now, they’re back with a less fantasy-oriented and more realistic-looking take on shooters with Rogue Company. It’s a fast-paced third-person shooter with a variety of attack methods. You have your primary weapons like mid-range assault rifles or a short-range shotgun, then you’ll have your sidearms that allow you to finish the job if you run out of ammo on your main gun. Beyond that you have a variety of gadgets available to give you an edge – or just take foes out. Each of the rogues also has different abilities – with things like explosive daggers and shield walls offering up an incentive to try out as many characters as possible to figure out which one suits your play style the best.

The game features cross-play – so you shouldn’t have to worry about the player base dying out regardless of what platform you choose to play it on. For console players, it’s available on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Switch – with the latter version featuring motion-controlled aiming. PC users can enjoy the game via the Epic Games Store and will have a bit more customization when it comes to control methods, although motion control can be flaky on PC. Either way, you have a variety of ways to enjoy the game. For as little as $15, you can get the starter founder’s pack, while $30 gets you the standard founder’s pack and $60 gets you the ultimate founder’s pack.