Lethal League Devs Announce The JSR-Infused Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

While Sega has done a pretty good job so far of resurrecting their old IPs lately via the way of the indie scene, such as with Streets of Rage 4 and the upcoming Alex Kidd remake, to name two quick examples, they still have a ton of classics and cult classics fans want to see return (especially considering that this year is Sega’s 60th anniversary). And among those many games, Jet Set Radio tends to have some of the most vocal supporters about wanting a comeback. Well, while we’ll have to wait and see what Sega’s next move is, Lethal League developers Team Reptile and Dion Koster have announced their latest game, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, and it certainly appears to be a massive, highly intriguing tribute to JSR.

Mind you, we still don’t have too many details when it comes to Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. As seen below, the initial teaser only lasts for a brief fourteen seconds, but it contained enough imagery and action to get a ton of people excited. Cel-shaded visuals? Check. Impressive graffiti? Check. Grinding on railings? Check. Futuristic setting? Check. Throw in “the musical brainwaves of Hideki Naganuma,” and you can believe a lot of Jet Set Radio fans are already excited. The official Steam page (where you can wishlist the game) has more information, such as how you’ll be able to freely explore the streets of the game’s metropolis, that you’ll be able to spray, dance, do tricks, and face off with police in order to get your crew’s tags up there in paint, and how “You will encounter a lot of weirdos.” Good to know.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk won’t be due out until 2021, and currently it’s only been announced for the PC, but fans of the Jet Set Radio games (among many other gamers) likely already have it down as one of next year’s most anticipated games. That includes many of us at Hardcore Gamer, so stay tuned for more info on Bomb Rush Cyberfunk as it appears.