World War Z Adds Full PvE Crossplay, New Classes

World War Z from Saber Interactive has been out for a while on all platforms. The game did feature crossplay between Xbox One and PC players, but has now added PS4. The newest update known as “Dronemaster” is free today. The zombie co-op shooter that was inspired by Paramount Pictures’ World War Z will now allow crossplay specifically for PvE available across all three platforms. The term “Dronemaster” comes from the new playable class in the game. This class comes with a personal drone which can stun zombies. The drone can be customized in the perk tree to suit your play style.

Also included in the update is a new rare weapon pick-up with its own upgrade tree. The ACW-20 is a low-caliber, semi-automatic grenade launcher that seems perfect for taking out waves of the undead. Finally, players can grab the latest premium DLC with the Signature Weapons Pack. This includes four new weapon skins for the game’s main characters. The DLC is free for Season Pass and GOTY Edition owners. There is also a trailer to coincide with this update and you can view it below.