Yuji Naka and Naoto Ohshima Announce Balan Wonderworld

It was expected that some big names might appear during today’s Xbox Games Showcase. We did not, however, expect Yuji Naka and Naoto Ohshima to be two of those names. The two are part of a new company formed as part of Square Enix, Balan Company, and were introducing their new game, the appropriately titled Balan Wonderworld. It’s a 3D platformer set in a world inspired by musical theater, and yes, the influence of Nights: Into Dreams immediately pops out.

The level design, aesthetics, boss battles, and the eighty-plus costumes granting you unique powers all shown in the trailer below have a hefty dose of charm to them, and should already make for one of next year’s most anticipated games. Balan Wonderworld comes out in Spring 2021 for XB1 and Xbox Series X. No other platforms have been announced yet, but as a good, major family-friendly platformer is something Xbox could use more of, here’s hoping it makes an impact on Xbox’s platforms.