Milestone Unveils New Trailer for RIDE 4

Releasing on October 8, Milestone has revealed a new trailer for RIDE 4. This trailer will provide a look at the cutting-edge level of visual fidelity with both the bikes and the track modeling. This trailer includes scenes that are taken from the game engine, directly. Players will notice incredible bike details that have been perfectly reproduced from the real life machines. The cockpits of the bikes will also be a perfect reproduction of the real thing. This will include both design and dynamic elements. All data will change in real-time ranging from speed and temperature to traction control and the oil bottle.

RIDE 4 will look to feature a unique gameplay experience that includes a new Career Mode. Players will face challenges all over the world that eventually culminate with Championships with the best Sportbikes. The new Endurance Mode will be included in this. This allowed Milestone to boost the level of realism and authenticity with dynamic lighting and weather effects. Players can also expect pit stops for tires and fuel management. Check out the trailer below.