Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Kickstarter Clears its First Million

It’s a sad fact that Konami is dead.  The name still exists but the company isn’t in a state where it can take care of its massive gaming history.  Whether that be big names like Contra, Metal Gear, or Gradius, or its primary RPG series Suikoden, it may be a long time before Konami does much more than merchandise the names.  Thankfully companies are fairly unimportant overall, and people don’t tend to stop creating.  A good sized percentage of the original Suikoden team recently got back together to work on a spiritual sequel, and like many new developers headed off to Kickstarter to bring in a little startup cash.  The campaign was announced last week, and instantly grabbed attention not just for the series legacy but some truly beautiful concept screens and character art.  The initial funding target was set at an impressive $500,000, and even with Kickstarter experiencing a severe outage in the middle of the day the campaign blew past its goal in no time.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is a classic-styled turn-based RPG that should be instantly familiar yet new to any fan of the Suikoden series.  It promises to tell an epic story of warring nations on the continent of Allraan, which has been settled by a variety of human and humanoid races.  One nation has gotten an edge over the rest by discovering a magic technique that amplifies power, leading inevitably to carving itself out an empire.  During the expansion a villager and empire officer become friends, only for the political situation to put them on opposing sides of the conflict.  Although for how long remains to be seen, seeing as both of them are part of the Hundred Heroes of the title.

Like Suikoden before it, Eiyuden Chronicle will come with a huge cast, although also like Suikoden it seems fairly likely that some will end up far more developed than others.  A battle party is comprised of six characters, each with their own special abilities, and they even have AI skills that auto-activate.  Recruiting characters not only fills in the character roster but also develops the home base, with a builder far more likely to be useful in the fortress than battlefield.  Building the fortress was actually the $750,000 stretch goal, and it cleared a couple hours ago at the time of this writing.

Since that time the multi-console release stretch goal has been hit, and while writing this a culinary minigame was unlocked as well.  New Game+ isn’t far off with more is on the way.  The console stretch goal does take a little explaining, though, because Eiyuden Chronicle isn’t coming out until at least 2022, well after the next generation has started.  That means Switch isn’t guaranteed, but Xbox One and X, PS4 and PS5, and whatever the next Nintendo console might end up being are all being promised.  Switch isn’t a “No” but rather “We’ll try”, so caveat emptor for that one option.  Everything else is looking fantastic, though, whether that be the world building, battle system, and especially the character design.  Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is still less than a day old right now and already a major funding success, but head on over and take a look anyway because there’s much more to come.