Nowhere Prophet Set for Console Release Soon

Nowhere Prophet first hit the market on Steam last year – and offered up something different in the crowded world of deck-builders. Now, after a year on PC, the game is set to release across all console platforms. The PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch will all have the game available on July 30. Xbox One console owners will be able to enjoy the game if they have Game Pass – making that an even better deal. The game stands out right away thanks to its gorgeous art style. Unlike many deck-builders that feel more like an RPG with card-based mechanics, this one is more akin to Hearthstone with a single-player rogue-lite mechanic.

You have two decks to work with – your leader deck, which allows you to build up your character. The second set of cards is for your convoy, and you can switch those out as you want to tailor things to your liking. Switch owners will be able to enjoy this game wherever they are – and having it on the go and on TV is nice. PS4 and Xbox One owners will be stuck to a big screen experience, but with Game Pass, you can still enjoy the game and see if it’s to your liking on Xbox One. If you’re in the mood for a new card battle game, give Nowhere Prophet a look when it launches on July 30 on consoles, or pick it up on PC via Steam now.