Cardaclysm Set for Early Access Release Tomorrow

There are many card battle games on the market, but there’s nothing that combines action RPG mechanics with cards quite like Cardaclysm. The game was first shown off about a month ago during the guerrilla collective, and now we’re seeing more of its mechanics. You have turn-based battles with a real-time movement setup in an isometric world, and unlike a lot of card-based games, this one looks stunning. The art style is bright and manages to stand in stark contrast to the normally-dark look of card games.

The game is set for an early access release tomorrow – and it will run on a toaster. The minimum requirements are pretty forgiving – so if you have a computer made in the last five years, you should be able to run this reasonably well. From what’s been shown off so far, it looks quite promising. We’ll be keeping a close eye on the game’s progression as it goes into early access. Headup is also hosting a giveaway on Gleam for the game – so you can enter that and see if you can win it there.