Cultivating the Wasteland in Cloud Gardens Reveal Trailer

Human civilization has been around for about ten thousand years, maybe more. It doesn’t matter that much in the history of the world because that’s practically no time at all.  There are trees older than that and let’s not even get into the current Cenozoic era having started 66,000,000 years ago.  The point is that the world will keep on spinning long after we’re gone and life is more than tenacious enough to hold on and even thrive over the ruins of what we leave behind.  The dioramas of Cloud Gardens may not be post-humanity, but without human upkeep the ruins and remains have lost all previous functions and are now the skeletal underpinnings of a thriving ecology.

Cloud Gardens was announced today with a reveal trailer, sitting comfortably between a goal-oriented game and a construction toy.  There is a multi-chapter campaign with goals to chase after but the heart of Cloud Gardens is a sandbox mode where you can create dioramas and then encourage vines, trees and flowers to grow wherever seems best.  The game aims to be a l0-fi chill toy, letting the player create a tiny little world and cover it with life, turning what had been desolate ruins into the base of a lush garden.  Maybe people are gone or maybe they’ve just abandoned these spaces, but no matter how we’ve moved on there won’t be an absence of life or beauty to transform civilization’s remains.