Cuphead Reveals PS4 Version, Available Now

Today during Summer Game Fest, we got to see a special surprise update from a notable indie studio…well, minus the surprise, as a PlayStation store listing ended up leaking the reveal that Studio MDHR would be bring their smash platforming hit Cuphead to the PS4. But while we were all prepared for that reveal, we were also hoping for an update on the delayed Delicious Last Course expansion…and it looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer for the DLC. The team is still working on it in order to make sure it’s top-notch (and admitted they may have revealed it too early), but it’s planned 2020 release wasn’t helped by…well, 2020 in general, really.

As a consolation prize, alongside a few more details about the upcoming Netflix animated series, the reveal trailer for the game’s PS4 version also contains a nifty little bit of stop-motion designed to call back to more classic animation. Said trailer also reveals that the PS4 version is available now, so if you still somehow haven’t played Cuphead, now you have another way to check it out ASAP. And as one final bonus note, it was mentioned that the Delicious Last Course will arrived on all platforms on day one, so no matter what your platform of choice is – XB1, PC, Switch, or PS4 – you still have more old-school animated action to look forward to in the future.