Parkasaurus Set to Open With Minimal Casualties as Early Access Ends Soon

Theme parks are great. It’s a nice day in a fun setting with everyone involved turning a blind eye to the price gouging that runs underneath the experience.  When all goes as planned this is the only gouging in the day, leaving the bank account a bloody smoking crater but the people generally happy.  Dinosaur parks, however, carry certain risks, even the ones that have impeccable safety records right up until the day they don’t.  Parkasaurus is a theme park game centered around bringing the ancient giants of Earth’s past to the masses, balancing the needs of the technicolor saurians with the desire to make the biggest, richest display possible.  Or at least turn a nice profit.

Parkasaurus lumbered into Early Access almost two years ago and has done nicely for itself during its run.  Regular updates have added tons of content and smoothed out features, from less exciting functions like a new office PC for planning out finances to major changes such as dinosaur breeding, plus plenty of park props like string lights to spruce up the nighttime displays and aerial walkways to give the dinos a better view of the ambulatory snacks.  All the additions and changes are about to finally build up to a 1.0 release in a couple of weeks, with Parkasaurus set to exit Early Access on August 13.  Today’s announcement comes with the mandatory new trailer, showing a host of features from exhibit creation to guest management plus the inevitable dinosaur rampage.  People are difficult and dinosaurs even moreso, so putting them together in the same area is bound to provide results that even the most careful management can’t predict.