Embracelet Launching on Switch in September

There has been a hot streak of relaxing, wholesome video games as of late and one more won’t spoil the bunch. They offer gamers a chance to unwind and get lost in another world. Embracelet, developed by one-man-indie-dev, Machineboy, is scheduled to release on Switch this September.

Embracelet takes place in northern Norway and centers around a teen experiencing love, loss, friendship and family. He comes into possession of a magical bracelet of which can do some amazing things. The charming launch trailer demonstrates its ability to move heavy objects like they were nothing. Use it to explore the area and solve puzzles. However, there is a deeper mystery lurking so proceed with caution.

Currently, Embracelet is hitting Switch in a couple of months but it’s also arriving on Steam sometime this year. Check out the trailer below for a closer look and visit the official website to learn more.