Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Adds Boss Replays, More in Upcoming Update

While FromSoftware may not be planning any sort of additional story DLC pertaining to the brilliant 2019 stand-alone title Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the developer have however sought it fit to provide a rather enticing update to the more than five million players who’ve already battled through the studio’s fantastical iteration of feudal Japan. Starting October 29, players across all of the game’s platforms, PS4, Xbox One & PC, can download the upcoming update for free. Of which one of the new features added — accessed through any Sculptor’s Idol — is the ability to replay any boss battle previously beaten.

Aside from this, the update will also include what’s been dubbed Gauntlets of Strength — single-life challenges where players must complete specific tasks in one go without dying. Though at present, it’s unclear exactly what these challenges are and what they specifically entail. New cosmetics (of which carry no additional buffs or abilities to one’s status) will also feature, as will the return of a mechanic familiar to anyone who’s played any of FromSoftware’s previous games, called Remnants. A sort of evolution on From’s previous use of asynchronous online functionality, players will now have the ability to record up to thirty seconds of gameplay and share it online with fellow players. If a player’s Remnant is watched and rated by someone else, that player will gain a free HP recovery.

Fans may well be looking forward to hearing more of the studio’s next, already-announced project Elden Ring, but at least the studio are providing a new reason for players, old and new, to return to the world of Sekiro one more time.