Fanatical Nemesis X Bundle Offers Up Tons of Variety for $4

Fanatical’s bundles are usually some of the best on the market and their newest Nemesis X Bundle is no different. For a mere $4, you get Ancestors Legacy, God’s Trigger, American Fugitive, Internet Cafe Simulator, GRIP and HOB. This gets you a blend of 3D Zelda-likes in HOB, a fast-paced Rollcage-esque racer in GRIP, a violent top-down shooter in God’s Trigger and a top-down indie GTA-esque game in American Fugitive.

If you want a new RTS game, give Ancestors Legacy a shot — especially if you want it to have sharp-looking graphics or just enjoy seeing medieval European settings in games.

There’s a ton of variety here and if you like the idea of any one of the games, it’s worth checking out.