Fangamer Unveils Stardew Valley Physical, Collector’s Edition

Players have been in love with the now iconic Stardew Valley since its initial release a few years back. Like most indie titles, however, it was only made available digital on its respective platforms. Now those looking to get a physical edition to show off their love of the game, or just finally snag a copy, can for both PC and Switch. In addition to having straight-forward physical copies, there’s also a collector’s edition which comes with a slew of goodies. This includes a collector’s box, wooden standee, wooden lapel pin, junimo-themed comic, farm deed, cleaning cloth and a limited supply of bonus posters. All versions, collector’s or standard, also come with a special manual as a neat special for buying it physically. Prices vary depending on the version bought but for Switch the standard edition is $34 USD with the collector’s edition running up to $69 USD with the PC versions being $5 cheaper.

Those interested can check out the images of the Collector’s edition below and find more details on the sale page here.