Pokkén Tournament DX Free Trial Now Available

There hasn’t been much news lately from Pokkén Tournament DX since the arcade version‘s online services shut down a couple years ago. Well, there is some good news for those looking to give the game a try, a free trial is available to download. This is similar to the recent Splatoon 2 trial which are both giving players something new to try during quarantine times.

From now until August 4 you can play through the game and get a few fights in to get a feel for things. Then, you have until August 11 to take advantage of a discount should you choose to purchase the game. This will allow you to experience Pokémon battles in a brand new way. Strategies and attacks are very different from the main series so fans will have to adapt to the fighting game’s style.

We thought the game was pretty great and definitely an upgrade over the previously released Pokkén Tournament for Wii U especially with new Pokémon to use in combat. Check out our reviews, give the trial a download and judge for yourself!