Genki Covert Dock Makes the Switch Even More Portable

The Switch is a wonderfully portable system in handheld mode. It becomes a fair bit bulkier when you need to carry around the charger and dock, too!

The Genki Covert Dock is a new device which brings together both charging and TV output functionality in one highly portable unit. There have been small Switch chargers before, but none of the Switch chargers let you also use HDMI output. The Genki Covert Dock also includes a USB-A 3.1 port and USB Type-C PD 3.0 port. As such, you’re able to use the device to charge other tech such as smartphones. You’ll also be able to use add-ons for the Switch such as the ethernet adapter or wired controllers.

The Genki Covert Dock costs $74.99 and is now available for purchase directly from Genki.