Screenshot Saturday Featuring UnFound, Echo Generation, More

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Screenshot Saturday, where those working hard on what could be the latest hit indie games pop up every week with the #screenshotsaturday tag in order to give us little glimpses into their latest work! And since we are definitely in the Summer drought period where new games and major announcements won’t appear for a while (at least not until the virtual Gamescom and PAX Online events, or if the virtual GDC this week has any surprises), consider this a little snack to tide you over until then, like a uniquely-shaped gaming popsicle of some sorts with awkward yet unique gumball eyes. Hey, you’ve felt the heat, you know you want one. But anyhow, without further ado…

UnFound- Okay, when I think of stealth games, I typically don’t think of explosions. Then again, I also don’t typically associate them with spherical robots out on a personal journey in a futuristic land. So it may seem like an odd entry into the genre, but it is certainly a unique one, and as this brief snippet shows, it looks nice and slick as well. Definitely a charming little potential sleeper hit to look out for.

Echo Generation- Well, I certainly didn’t expect to find any sort of spectral owner in this pet cemetery…not did I expect a pet cemetery at all, given that this voxel-spiked supernatural turn-based adventure is set in the Summer of ’93, and Pet Sematary was an ’80s film. Unless it’s a nod to Pet Sematary Two…wait, what am I talking about, again? Okay, long story short, game looks damn impressive, fun, and eye-catching, go check it out.

Selfloss- Slavic mythology pops up yet again in the indie gaming scene, this time accompanied by some Icelandic myths for good measure. But you can’t deny the effectiveness of striking battles against figures like these, though (especially thanks to an impressive mix of colors), and so it looks like this old man’s journey to heal their soul should indeed be a damn interesting one, to say the least.

Dandy Ace- I’ve seen several unique characters, plots, and aesthetics for tons of roguelike games in this line of work, yet I haven’t seen one about a stage magician trapped in an elegant palace…until now, of course. Although here the magic involves actual spells, putting a different twist on asking audience members to pick a card in the process. Definitely looks like some clever, fun stuff.

Underdown- Sublime hearing is certainly a useful skill in a tactical stealth game, though I’d personally just be happy with an effective tranquilizer gun. But that would likely make the journey too easy for a gang of kids infiltrating a lab in search of a missing friend, and we certainly need this tantalizing game to be as fun and challenging as possible, right?

The Girl of Glass- Ah, I can definitely relate to moments like this, living in a quaint, sunny tourist town as well…granted, our town isn’t ruled by a tyrannical eagle or has people made of glass walking around, but nonetheless, I can relate. I can also tell that this is one unique-looking adventure game with some rather gorgeous artwork, so it’s definitely on my radar.

Paradise Lost- Well, this is an adventure game about exploring an abandoned Nazi bunker, and as the Nazis are always up to some supernatural shenanigans in games and movies such as this…so yeah, this does kind of seem like what I would expect to see. That doesn’t make it any less haunting and eerily beautiful, though, and it still makes for one bizarre world that I’ll definitely want to explore.

Around- Here we have a little adventure game that sees you venturing into forgotten memories, such as moments like this that will no doubt lead to some sort of playground shenanigans. I get the feeling that there’s more than meets the eye to all of this, though, but for now I’m content with this tiny adventure and the magnificent art style on display.

Undying- Much like Ashley in Resident Evil 4, it’s important to teach your kid proper hiding procedures so that you can easily clear the way for them. But given that this game is about teaching survival skills to them as well before you end up turning, you will indeed have to teach them how to face the monsters head-on at some point as well. Either way, it looks like it’ll make for some captivating and unique stuff.

Spinch- This old-school platformer goes hard when it comes to psychedelic visuals, to the point where whole landscape are chock full of ever-shifting rainbows. This apparently extends to huge rainbow burst being dropped by enemies like this, and something tells me it’s not meant to promote peace and love. It does certainly promote a neat hook for a challenging platformer, though.