First Two Levels of TauCeti Unknown Origin are Available to Play

Dead Effect developer Bad Fly Interactive announced today that a new tech demo is now available for their next game: TauCeti Unknown Origin. Fans who download the demo will have two short story chapters to play around in, which the developer says will give them a solid glimpse of the world they’ve created for the game. A new gameplay trailer was released to celebrate the demo’s launch; check it out below:

Badfly Interactive is touting a number of key features to be included in TauCeti Unknown Origin demo. These include:

  • The large, alien world of TauCeti to explore.
  • Unpredictable AI enemies to fight
  • Full controller support
  • Two playable story levels and a survival arena
  • Benchmark test for smartphones

The TauCeti Unknown Origin demo is available now for Android and iOS devices. As for the full game, there’s currently no official release date.