Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Devs Return with Ogre Tale

Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds was one of the finest beat-em-ups released on the market in the last decade – offering up not only gorgeous graphics, but fast-paced action. Now, MAGES is back with Ogre Tale – which sets to deal out even more damage to enemies using swords instead of fisticuffs. The game uses a super-deformed anime art style and a highly-detailed pixel art style to stand out from anything else out there. The worlds themselves look diverse and full of detail – almost like a sprite-based Vanillaware game with how much attention to detail both the environments and the cast have.

The monstrous Momotaro is out to destroy everyone and dammit, he’s tired of the internet laughing at him – so much so that he’s going to KILL THE HELL OUT OF YOU. The game’s sense of humor is definitely going to be a tad on the bizarre side, and the action appears to be a blend of brawler and swordplay, and looks like an absolute blast. While the group’s prior game achieved success on both consoles and PC, and least for now, Ogre Battle will be on PC when it launches via Steam on August 20. We’ll be keeping a close eye Ogre Tale as its release draws near.