Deck-Building Murder-Mystery RPG The Magister Announced

From the creator of the popular card-battler, Monster Slayers, comes a gritty murder-mystery  deck builder–The Magister. The title is the newest project by the one-man developer Nerdook and features detailed RPG elements that players can revisit over and over. Play as a Magister, an agent assigned to enforce the will of the Emperor and the rule of law in provinces of the land. Recently dispatched to the remote rural village of Silverhurst, you must investigated the grim demise of a fellow Magister within a fortnight.

This murder-mystery RPG promises an absorbing story and innovated mechanics for card-based encounters. The title is designed for “endless” replayability with uniquely generated events and multiple ways to solve problems. With different Magister types to choose from and a wide variety of starting decks to master, each investigation offers a new experience. The Magister will launch in Q3/Q4 2020, with an open PC beta starting on August 13 until August 26.