Control’s Second Expansion, AWE, Coming August 27

Control was a huge hit when it debuted last year, and it continued to wow people earlier this year with the release of its first major DLC expansion, The Foundation. And now Remedy is ready to finish their roadmap and give us the second major expansion, AWE. The next chapter in the game comes out later this month, and notably features the return of an old friend…although if you’ve played Control and have explored a good chunk of The Oldest House, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

The trailer for the expansion begins with a look inside the Oceanview Motel, then pretty much gets right to what we had hoped for. The sound of a typewriter, a message about staying in the light, and the return of Alan Wake. Yes, in order to defeat a creature threatening the Investigations Sector, Jesse Faden will be looking into the Bureau of Control’s investigations into Bright Falls. So how will Wake fit into all of this? You’ll find out on August 27 (exactly one year after Control first launched, notably), when the AWE expansion arrives with new story mission, side missions, gun mods, and more.