No More Robots and Crossy Road Creator Announce TombStar

No More Robots is currently celebrating their third anniversary, and in that time, they’ve helped published such notable games as Hypnospace Outlaw, Descenders, and Not Tonight. And as part of the celebration, they’re adding another game to their winning lineup, TombStar. Courtesy of Crossy Road creator Andy Sum and fellow developer Marcus Grambau, this top-down shooter looks like it aims to deliver the same kind of addictive gameplay that made their earlier work such a success…just in a more action-packed form.

Set in the TombStar system at the outer reaches of the Frontier Galaxy, the game sees you playing as one of three characters in a sci-fi/Western top-down shooter, looking to dispose of the Grimheart Gang. As seen in the reveal trailer below, it certainly looks like a colorful romp on the outside, yet it seems to hide a bullet hell interior. And this hell spans four different planets/landscapes with procedurally-generated levels, filled with loads of loot and powerful weapons to collect. TombStar is set to come out in 2021 for PC and consoles (though no specific consoles have been mentioned yet), but those already hungry for some of its action can sign up for the closed beta, which takes place later this year.