The Pathless Showcases Flight and Archery for PS5

The Pathless has been in the works for quite a while, and today, Sony showed off more in-game action. The Hunter and her eagle companion are out to take out enemies and save the world from disaster, and will have to use their own skills and work together to topple enemies. Small enemies can be taken out from afar, while larger enemies will require a more skillful stealth-based approach to avoid until you gain power. That is done by returning light to the obelisks will weaken the large spirits that roam the world, and only then can you chase after them and take them out.

The gameplay shown of this was remarkable as you can see these large beasts racing down the world and here you are as a diminutive person by comparison lobbing arrows at them to take them down before a large-scale one on one battle. Beating the cursed spirits will help bring life back to the world. The Pathless is set for a 2020 release, and looks like a fantastic showcase for just what the PS5’s power means when it comes to enabling fast, smooth gameplay.