Rocksteady Studios to Announce Suicide Squad Game at DC FanDome

Rocksteady Studios today announced that their next project is a Suicide Squad game.

Rocksteady Studios has worked in secret on a new project since 2015s Batman: Arkham Asylum. There have been plenty of rumors about what project the team would tackle next, including Superman and Justice League. Today, they’ve finally confirmed what the project is, and when we’ll get our first look.

Rocksteady is tackling the Suicide Squad next. The elite team of villains have grown quite popular over the years, and will be the subject of their next game. Rocksteady intends to fully reveal the game during DC FanDome on August 22.

The Suicide Squad are a team of supervillains led by Amanda Waller and are frequently tasked with the most dangerous tasks imaginable. Famous members include Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Enchantress, and Captain Boomerang. No word yet on what kind of game Suicide Squad is, but rumor has it the game will focus on co-op.

Check back August 22 for the full reveal of Suicide Squad.