Things Get a Bit Meta in 3 out of 10 Announcement Trailer

Terrible Posture Games, the makers of Mother Gunship and Tower of Guns, are back with a new game called 3 out of 10. In something of a departure from their last two titles, 3 out of 10 is primarily a playable sitcom rather than some variety of shooter. Players will be following the efforts of the hapless employees of “Shovelworks Studios” as they strive to create a hit game of their very own. If the trailer is any indication, doing so is definitely going to take everything they’ve got.

It seems like players will have a variety of smaller games to enjoy as they make their way through 3 out of 10’s goofy story. Players will have a bit of control over their experience too; they’ll have the ability to roam around the office, talk to characters and try out the personal mini-games for each. Those interested don’t even have to wait to jump in and check it out; the first episode of 3 out of 10 is free to download right now on the Epic Games Store.

Fans can even keep coming back each week for new content if they want, as all five episodes of season one will be available for free.