50 Neo-Geo Titles Coming to MVSX Home Arcade

Gstone announced today that they will be working with SNK to create the SNK NEOGEO MVSX home arcade to bring 50 NeoGeo classics to a two-player arcade unit. The MVSX will feature both the MVS arcade and AES home console versions of included games, featuring long-running franchises like The King of Fighters, Metal Slug, Fatal Fury, Samurai Shodown, Art of Fighting and even sports games like Baseball Stars Professional and Top Player’s Golf. While the NEOGEO hardware was acclaimed for its fighting games, its sports games were some of the best of their era and have held up remarkably well with time thanks to their fast-paced, pick up and play nature.

the two player cabinet brings back the familiar red and black arcade cabinet design, only with a compact tabletop design and includes some cover art on the top banner area just like the actual multi-game SNK units back in the ’90s. The games are playable in ten different languages with a 17-inch LCD screen and you will be able to get a base that transforms the tabletop cabinet into a nearly five-foot-tall arcade cabinet. GStone’s UNICO brand will be used for the NVSX and pre-orders will begin in September for the device’s November launch.