Fanatical’s Reaper Bundle 5 Offers Diverse Mix of Games for $5

Fanatical’s bundles are some of the best in gaming, but the fifth Reaper bundle is one of its most diverse ever. For a mere $5, you get nine games across a variety of genres. This bundle includes Narcos: Rise of the Cartels, Party Hard 2, Outcast: Second Contact, Sudden Strike 4, Mana Spork: Forgotten Crypts Edition, Galaxy of Pen and Paper, Devil’s Hunt, The Way, and WRC 7. Carcis offers up a more reality-based setting for an RTS set in the world of the Netflix series – so it’s a great pickup for anyone wanting a new RTS to check out. Party Hard 2 is at its best overall price yet, and follows up on the neon-soaked bloodshed of the first game with more style and substance than before.

Outcast: Second Contact is a complete remake of a revolutionary 1999 third-person open-world game with revamped modern-day mechanics. Sudden Strike 4 offers up more RTS thrills, only in a more traditional World War II setting. Mana Spark is one of the best twin-stick games out there with dungeon-crawling and quick combat in a procedurally-generated world. It will also run on a toaster, so you don’t have to worry about yur PC not being able to run it.

Galaxy of Pen and Paper is the perfect gateway game for those looking to get into pen and paper games because it has the same kind of menu options, but in a more accessible sci-fi setting. It followed up on Knights of Pen and Paper by revamping the setting, and that helps it go beyond just the more fantasy-based settings of the original. Devil’s Hunt offers up some horror-themed hack and slash fun, while The Way offers up pixel art puzzle-platforming, and WRC 7 is a fantastic rally racer. For only $5, this is a must-have bundle for just about any kind of gamer.