NIS Drops New Gameplay Trailer For the Rhythm-Based Mad Rat Dead

There have been a lot of successful and/or notable attempts at blending rhythm games with other genres, such as Crypt of the NecroDancer. And appropriately enough, Nippon Ichi’s upcoming platformer Mad Rat Dead is not only another such hybrid, but one that also involves the dead being brought back to life. In this case, though, it’s our main character that’s the newly-risen. A lab rat is getting a chance to redo their last day of life thanks to the Rat God, with the catch that they have to keep their now-sentient heart beating, as seen in the new gameplay trailer below from NIS America.

Be it jumping, dashing, attacking, or even just dancing, our titular mad rat needs to time their movements in order to match the beat of the music, keeping their heart active. But should players happen to make a fatal move, they can also rewind the beats and try again. Mix in some challenging and fun platforming like that with an eye-catching blend of cartoon and punk aesthetics, and you have a potential platforming sleeper hit. Mad Rat Dead comes out on October 30 for the Switch and PS4, arriving just in time for Halloween.