Multi-Sport RPG Sports Story Suffers Delay

2017’s Golf Story was a surprisingly delightful little game. Developed by Sidebar Games, the golf-orientated RPG managed to find quite an audience on the Nintendo Switch, thanks to the enjoyable fusion of old-school, top-down golf simulation, with a well-written and occasionally humorous narrative running alongside. No wonder then that the announcement of a sequel, Sports Story, last December — which looks to feature all manner of sports, played in similarly unconventional means — was, if still surprising, met with open arms to many.

Sadly, while the game had initially targeted a release in mid-2020, that time has come and gone and we may have a reason to that no-show. Sidebar providing an update on social media earlier today confirming that the game has been delayed. Hoping to lighten the mood with a trailer (even going so far as to dub it the Delay Trailer) set entirely in the world of Sports Story, the characters present appear to hint towards a slew of weird and oddball tales present in the anticipated sequel. Sidebar themselves have even gone on to state that the game has “become rather ambitious” and as such, the team need more time to finish it — though they stopped short of giving a more definitive period on when fans can expect to play it. Implying perhaps that Sports Story could in fact be looking at a release sometime next year, though we’ll be sure to update you if and when Sidebar themselves do. Golf Story is out now on Nintendo Switch.