Pixel Art Creation Suite Bit Animation Editor Coming to Steam on September 4

Software is something that we don’t cover a ton here at Hardcore Gamer – but sometimes, with things like Humble Bundles having gaming-related software, it is something we’ll dabble in. Pixel art remains a very popular style within gaming, and is now used for a lot of animation outside of gaming thanks to it being so iconic. Soon, you will be able to make not only pixel art, but animation and game assets if you so desire. It is composition software and will allow you to create anything you can imagine in pixel art form – with either a great amount of depth or simplicity. This robust tool kit will be released on Steam on September 4 and will only cost $18.99 – and will have a 10% launch discount for its first week of release. If you’ve ever wanted to make something with a pixel art style, it’s worth a pick up.