A Short Hike Hits the Nintendo Switch

A Short Hike has been available on Steam for a year now, but the game is finally available on Switch – where its bite-sized gameplay chunks feel right at home. In this tale, you play as a cute little bird out to find friends, adventure – and even playable a little stickball/volley ball hybrid from time to time. This lush pixel art adventure has you exploring trails, going off the beaten path, flying, rock climbing, and fishing as you explore Hawk Peak. It’s absoltuely gorgeous and a perfect way to have fun in short bursts, or lose yourself in its adventure for hours.

There’s an exploration aspect to it where you can find new loot, and you can find even more looking carefully with binoculars to uncover secret items and paths. Small fetch quests help you find new areas and are so small that they’re actually a joy to do. It’s a super-relaxing game and if you’ve found yourself in need of one of those, give it a shot. While it is also on PC, this kind of adventure fits in perfectly on the Switch and it feels like a great companion to Animal Crossing: New Horizons.