Capybara Bringing Grindstone to Switch This Fall

When Apple Arcade launched last year, one particular game immediately leapt out as a highlight for the service: Grindstone. The color-matching puzzler wowed over several critics, and proved to be quite addictive. But of course, those without Apple devices were left in the cold…until now. During Nintendo’s Indie World presentation earlier, it was revealed that Grindstone will be coming to the Switch, giving the game another handheld platform to conquer.

The announcement trailer below quickly gets new players up to speed with the gameplay basics (in between nifty new bits of animation), as players try to chain together as huge a streak of colorful creatures as possible, allowing our stonegrinder hero Jorj to let loose in a massive cartoonish slaughter of them. We also get a look at some of the boss battles and equipment to purchase or craft, which you’ll need given that the vibrant coating actually hides a game that requires a good chunk of strategy. No exact release date yet, but Grindstone will hit the Switch this fall, complete with over two hundred levels, including the ones provided via monthly updates so far.