Cheat Your Way To Victory in Card Shark

London-based developers Nerial are having quite the busy week, it seems. The developers best known for the Reigns series found themselves announcing a game adaptation of Animal Farm yesterday in conjunction with The Dairymen, and now today it’s been revealed that they’re teaming up with Devolver Digital yet again for their latest game, Card Shark. Reigns may have seen you utilizing a special deck of cards in order to rule over a kingdom, but now you’ll be using a regular deck of cards in order to cheat your way to the top of high society.

Set in eighteenth century France and inspired by works such as Barry Lyndon, Card Shark sees players trying to gain success through cheating at card games in various ways, utilizing real-life card tricks and manipulation tactics. As the trailer below shows, proper timing and careful attention will be needed to get away with your trickery, especially since the price for getting caught is not very pretty. Card Sharks arrives in 2021 for PC and Switch, when players will get to see how much they can get away with.