Hidden Layer Games’ Inmost Launching on PC, Switch This Week

On a day that has seen a fair few smaller, independant releases get a surprise emergence on many a digital storefront — be it consoles or PC — it looks like Chucklefish Games were too wanting-in on the ride of merry news. And while they may not have been a part of Nintendo’s latest Indie World presentation shown earlier today, that didn’t stop them from revealing that Hidden Layer Games’ atmospheric, puzzle-platformer Inmost, is itself not too far away. Albeit, not another surprise release today sadly, but not that long a wait — confirming that the game will be available on PC & Switch, on August 21 (this coming Friday).

In the years leading up since its first announcement, Inmost has most certainly caught our (and many other people’s) attention, thanks to its selective, specific use of color, complete with a strange yet unsettling tone and atmosphere to compliment. Inmost had previously been exclusive to the Apple Arcade streaming service — launching on the platform in October of last year.