Manifold Garden Out Now on Switch, PS4, Xbox One With PC Release Coming Later

Manifold Garden was showcased during Nintendo’s Indie World showcase today, and the game is now available across all consoles. This 3D puzzle game uses perspective to challenge players to find the right solution. Not being able to find it right away isn’t all that bad though, as you’re just put back where you were before – making it a more relaxing experience than it might appear going on. It looks gorgeous and its usage of perspective-based puzzles is something different.

Manifold Garden is normally $20, but early birds can get it for $17.99 on the eShop , Xbox storefront, or PlayStation Network now. PS4 owners can gain access to the deluxe edition for $9 more that gets you an exclusive theme and the OST as well – making that the best overall value for players right now. However, you can get the OST on its own via Bandcamp for $8, so you aren’t SOL if you buy it on another device. A Steam release will be forthcoming later on in 2020.