Raji: An Ancient Epic Now Available on Switch

Nintendo’s Indie World showcased a lot of games, but one that stood out due to its large scale was Raji: An Ancient Epic. Set in ancient India, it stars a young girl named Raji as she stands agaisnt a demonic invasion of the human realm. Demons are out to avenge their defeat from 1,000 years before and now they want to take out the human race. Nodding Head Games has worked on the game for years now and wanted to tell a tale steeped in ancient Indian folklore. In doing so, they crafted something to show off the beauty of India and its architecture.

It’s a third-person epic with a lot of platforming, flight, wall-running, and arena-based battles using a staff in place of a sword. The Switch itself doesn’t have many large-scale epic platformers on it and nothing set in India that I can recall, so right away, Raji stands out instantly. Moreover, it looks like a passion project with a lot of polish to its presentation, and it’s available now on the eShop. With how much work went into the visual design and how art-heavy the worlds themselves are, hopefully it does well enough digitally to warrant a physical release with things like a mini artbook and the like because its tailor-made for that kind of presentation.