Takeshi & Hiroshi Now Available on the Switch with Launch Discount

Nintendo’s indie world showcase gave many games a larger spotlight, and several were announced with same-day release dates. Takeshi & Hiroshi is one such game and hits consoles for the first time after a release on Apple Arccade last year. This blend of a puppetoon art style and an RPG evokes the visuals of games like Clay Fighters – only if they were in much higher resolutions with a high-fidelity look.The conceit of the game is unique as Takeshi is making a game for his brother Hiroshi and since his brother wants to be in the game, he puts him in and plays some of the monster roles himself to help him from losing.

However, he also has to make tougher enemies to challenge himself to become better. You don’t see a lot of heartfelt low-key stories like this covered and it looks ike an absolute blast. It’s a touching tale of two brothers bonding over gaming and coding and is available on the eShop for only $8.99 normally – but has a nice launch discount taking it to $8.09.