Unrailed! Steams Onto PC and Consoles September 23

After a successful early access period on Steam, Cooperative rail-building game Unrailed! is prepped and ready for a full release on PC as of September 23. The game’s not going to be a PC exclusive though; it’ll be launching for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Switch on the same day. Indeed, it seems most gamers will have their chance to try getting their trains to the next station. It might sound like an easy task, but that’s not necessarily true.

As seen above, players have only one task in Unrailed!: get the train to the next station. It’s simple in theory, but accomplishing it in practice means dealing with all kinds of zaniness. Rough terrain, an overheating train, limited resources and aggressive wildlife all work together to keep that train from moving, and it’s up to the players to overcome all of it.

Upon launch, Unrailed! will have a new biome and new wagons for current fans to play around with. The full release will also include all new features implemented during the game’s time in early access. These include special wagons, a single-player mode, a sandbox mode and new character models.