Controlling the Slide in New Art of Rally Gameplay Trailer

Driving comes down to a lot of things but at its very heart is the need to maintain pinpoint control over the roughly 147 square inches of rubber contacting the ground.  Tar is nice because it’s super-grippy, taking a lot of lateral force to initiate a slide, but dirt doesn’t have quite the same structural integrity.  All the friction in the world won’t do a bit of good on a surface that moves, but the skill of a racer comes into play turning that from a hazard to an advantage.  Art of Rally (actually “art of rally” because capital letters means you have to hit Shift twice and who’s got the energy for that?) is a rally racing game from the creator of Absolute Drift, and while it’s not quite to slidey as the ice-rinks masquerading as courses in that earlier game you’ll still need to learn how to handle the points where the rubber meets the road.

The art of rally demo came out back in spring and it was absolutely fantastic, a great way to while away an evening or two trying to perfect a course while getting a feel for the two available cars.  The demo has gotten a few updates since, adjusting the grip physics and adding crowds, and is an easy recommend on either (here) or Steam (over here).  art of rally also has a brand-new gameplay trailer released today, so give it a watch below to see low-texture cars tear up the semi-low-poly landscapes in all varieties of weather and lighting conditions.