Microsoft Reveals the New Xbox Experience UI for all Xbox Consoles

Microsoft today revealed what the Xbox Series X UI will look like, and current Xbox One owners will find it quire familiar.

August has been a turbulent time for Xbox Series X news. Though Microsoft confirmed that the console launches in November, they also revealed that Halo Infinite has been delayed to 2021. On top of that, there’s still been no news about price or the all but confirmed Xbox Series S. To help tide players over till the next major announcement, Microsoft has dropped details on the Series X’s UI.

The New Xbox Experience looks familiar, because it is. Rather than reinvent the wheel, Microsoft opted to create a familiar, but faster and more visually appealing UI. The overall layout remains the same, but the pages load faster and are more focused. The home screen loads 50% faster when booting up your Xbox, and 30% faster when returning from a game. It’s a significant improvement compared to the current UI, and all Xbox players benefit. The new UI rolls out across all Xbox devices when Series X launches this November.

Microsoft also showed off the new Xbox mobile app currently in development. The new Xbox app aims to better integrate your phone with the Xbox social experience. Rather than using your console for things like sending messages, launching parties, or charing videos, all this functionality can be done from your phone.

Xbox Series X launches this November. The new UI hits all Xbox One consoles alongside the Series X.