Blasting Through the Scrap Canyons in Roboquest Launch Trailer

When robots go bad they don’t mess around.  Flesh and bone may be resilient but metal is hard, and the ability to heal and grow only wins out if tireless strength doesn’t get a chance to land a hit.  The best way to fight rogue mechanoids, then, is by sending in a bot of your own, keeping one’s squishy organics as far from the fight as possible.  Roboquest is the story of Max, a young mechanic who finds a guardian-bot in the desert and revives it to help.  Nice as brokering peace would be that’s not an available option, so instead it pulls out a starting pistol and gets to blasting every hostile construct of metal and silicon the desert can throw at it.

Roboquest is a semi-roguelike FPS featuring plenty of guns, bullets, and enemies, most of which are being used to make you dead.  The Guardina starts off with a standard pistol-blaster which is always available, but it’s soon supplemented with more capable firepower once the first treasure room shows up.  The game just came out today and I’ve played maybe thirty minutes (correction- hopped in to checked a stat, now it’s more like an hour) total and so far have seen twin uzis, a flamethrower, various types of shotgun, an electric-laser sniper rifle, and even a blunderbuss.  Different weapons are categorized differently, such as technology or demolition, and upgrade chips found on a run can give nice perks to their associated stats.  Each run begins back at the home base, and upgrading it gives new and better options to start the next attempt at clearing the robo-baddies away.  Most importantly, the game feels good to play, with the Guardian moving at a nice speed and each weapon having its perks and challenges.  The comicbook delivery of the story and lettered sound effects are a lot of fun too, giving the game a distinctive style.

Today’s release into Early Access also came with a launch trailer, showcasing the game in its current state.  The future plans include new biomes, enemies, home-base perks, and plenty more, with the current content being about a third complete.  The gameplay already feel great, though, so while there’s more content on the way the basics are already covered.  Give the trailer a look below to see the mecha-blasting action kick off.