Touhou Luna Nights Releases on PC, Xbox Release to Follow

Touhou Luna Nights is an exploration-focused 2D action title from indie studio Team Ladybug. The title was previously on Early Access in Steam and received positive reception from the gaming community. Now the title finally releases today for players to experience the full story. Protagonist, Sakuya Izayoi, is sent to the strange world of Luna Nights by her vampire mistress. This impromptu trip leaves Sakuya with no other option but to find a way home.

The action in this title is based in Sakuya’s ability to stop time and her skills with throwing knives. Sprite animations capture these element while giving a retro theme to the title. This 2D action exploration title is available now for PC on Steam. The title also plans to release for Xbox on September 3, with an extra boss battle that’s not available in the original Steam version. Pre-Orders for Xbox are available now.