Stonethorn Adds Two More Dungeons to Elder Scrolls Online Today

The next update for The Elder Scrolls Online’s “Dark Heart of Skyrim” expansion, Stonethorn, adds two new dungeons to the game today. The first of these is Castle Thorn, which pits players against a rising vampire army and its leader: Lady Thorn. If the heroes cannot stop the undead host before it leaves the castle, then all may very well be lost.

The other dungeon, Stone Garden,  takes players back to Blackreach to eliminate mad alchemist Alkasis and their twisted creations. Update 27 is  launching alongside Stonethorn, adding game performance improvements, balance changes and character pathing upgrades among other fixes.

Elder Scrolls Online: Stonethorn is available on PC today, and it will launch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players on September 1.