Wonder Boy – Asha in Monster World Coming to PS4, Switch

The story of the Wonder Boy/Monster World series is an odd one – but it’s led to some of the best 2D platforming experience of their time getting re-released in various forms. The series has seen both remakes and successors, and will now get an all-new entry starring Sasha from Monster World IV. Wonder Boy – Asha in Monster World brings Asha back with Peleogoo in a new adventure with full dubbing. Artdink is leading development and original Monster World IV staff will be featured in the development.

The game is slated for a 2021 release with a gameplay reveal at Gamescom on August 29. Following up on Monster World IV is particularly exciting as it was the highest-regarded entry of the original series to many and was a bit of a cult classic – only garnering a well-known following in North America after an official translation of it was released in 2012 on the Virtual Console, PSN, and Xbox Live Arcade. It will be interesting to see just how the game shapes up, and it’s exciting news for fans of the long-running series.