Yakuza: Like a Dragon Coming in November

For 15 years, the Yakuza series has delivered heartwarming moments, brutal violence, biciycle suplexes, baseball, and classic arcade games. Now, it’s going to go for something totally new – a multi-character RPG structure with a job system that changes the game. You’ll still be able to beat folks up, but you’ll also be able to enjoy beating them with a cake or take out enemies with guitar attacks as a musician or a hot skillet. The amazing thing is that the switch to a turn-based RPG is different, but the wacky attacks are actually right in line with what we’ve seen before.

The new “How Will You Rise” trailer showcases the turn-based combat and an English dub. This will be the first entry in the series since the PS2 original to get an English dub – as all other entries, including Yakuza Kiwami, have used English subtitles over Japanese dialogue. Like a Dragon features Ichiban Kaasuga and his allies take on over 20 jobs throughout the game as he lives out his dream of being a real-world RPG character. The game launches on November 13 on Xbox One, PC via Steam and the Windows Store, and the PlayStation 4 – with a PlayStation 5 release later and a day one release on Xbox Series X.