Paradise Killer Strikes in September, Heads to Switch

Describing Paradise Killer, the upcoming adventure game from Kaizen Game Works and publishers Fellow Traveller, is no easy task. What we have here, you see, is a first-person open world vaporwave murder mystery set in an alternate future history on Paradise Island, where Paradise itself has been killed, and you play as the formerly exiled “investigation freak” Lady Love Dies, tasked with finding the killer. It’s a bizarre game, no doubt about that. But it’s also quite the interesting and unique game, and with the announcement of its release date and the news that it’s also headed to Switch on launch day, we’ll be able to check it out in full soon.

The trailer announcing the date and Switch release not only introduces us to a cast filled with the likes of Doctor Doom Jazz and Crimson Acid, but establishes the main objective of gathering evidence to find the possible killer, be it through investigating crime scenes, talking to suspects, or other methods, all accompanied by a personal assistant on Lady Love Dies’ laptop. But while the goal is to create an airtight case and help convict the killer, there are many different possible killers, and it’s up to player to decide who they should close in on when they have as many facts possible. Paradise Killer arrives on September 4 for PC and Switch, and if you can’t wait until then, feel free to check out the demo on Steam, or as part of Gamescom’s Indie Arena Booth from August 27 to August 30.