Unboxing Logitech G Color Collection

Logitech has unleashed a new color wave for four of its peripherals. The newest, the Logitech G733 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Headset, looks to help players and streamers stand out and personify themselves. To further diverse itself, Logitech has offered a reversible suspension headstrap to accessorize the G733 along with some different mic covers. The mic covers come in different shapes and are unlike anything I’ve ever seen for a headset. Along with the newly -nnounced G733, Logitech is also offering color options for the G203 Gaming Mouse, G305 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse, and finally the G915 TKL LIGHTSPEED Mechanical Keyboard. On top of black and white as color options, players can now choose blue or lilac.

The G733 is the main attraction out of these four peripherals. The LIGHTSPEED Wireless includes a 2.4GHz connection with a range of up to 20 meters. The battery life on the headset is nearly thirty hours as Logitech continues to get every bit of battery optimization out of its LIGHTSPEED products. The G733 fits comfortably with further support coming from the suspension headband. Logitech sent the lilac version of the newest headset, which comes with the Lime Glitch color scheme. This is a combination of lime green, yellow and blue that accentuates the headset well. The soft lilac oozes comfort just from looking at it as the dual-layer soft memory foam ear cups are a deeper purple and feature a L and R on the interior.

The G733 feels durable yet flexible as it comes with a detachable microphone. The sound output that comes from the Pro-G audio drivers is also a comforting feel. Players can also expect RGB on the front of the cups that will be an attention grabber on streams. What are also attention grabbers will be the microphone covers. The microphone includes the same technology that is on the Pro X. Logitech has added Blue VO!CE to the microphone to help players get the most out of their communication online. While we didn’t get to take a look at microphone covers, they stand out in photos. This headset retails for the same as the Pro X at $129.99 and the choice between the two comes down to preference.

Check out the Logitech G733 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Headset below:

The other peripheral that Logitech sent was the G203 LIGHTSYNC Gaming Mouse. This was a surprising package for the price that was perfectly accentuated with RGB around the bottom rim of the mouse along the G logo. This is a wired mouse with a gaming grade optical sensor and six customizable buttons. The look of it in lilac is solid across the board and still offers a lot of options for $40. The middle strip with the scroll wheel and DPI profile button features the deeper color. You can read our review of the G203 LIGHTSYNC here.

Check it out in action below:

The other mouse that is offered is the G305 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse. While this is also offered in black, white, blue and lilac, Logitech sent this one in white. What makes the G305 LIGHTSPEED so special is the weight and the need for one AA battery, which is actually included. The mouse weighs in at 99g and can last hours on the battery. The mouse lacks any RGB outside of profile verification indicator on the top. There’s no RGB on this mouse, but that’s why they’re able to get a lot out of the battery. The white color is a good change of pace if you have a traditional interface or are looking for something to match a white PC case or laptop. You can read our review of the mouse here.

Here it is in action:

The G915 TKL LIGHTSPEED Wireless Mechanical Keyboard is Logitech’s attempt at a minimalist keyboard. This unique design carries over from the G915 with a thin, lightweight frame that’s sturdy. RGB lighting illuminates around the keys and up through the fonts. The scroll wheel is easily intuitive and the keyboard can either use LIGHTSPEED technology or Bluetooth. The keyboard was initially offered in a dark brushed metal, however Logitech sent over the white version. There is no lilac or blue for the G915 TKL, but the white just embodies the color name. The keycaps are white as it comes off with a softer and more passive feel than its darker predecessor. What actually lightens this up is the frame. The frame on this is a brushed silver color with the same aluminum frame. It can be truly appreciated up close. It still comes in at a premium price of $229.99, though. You can read our review of the G915 TKL LIGHTSPEED Wireless Mechanical Keyboard here.

Check out the pics below:

Out of this initial lineup of the Logitech G Color Collection, the top spot has to go to the G733 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Headset. With the same technology that powers the Logitech G Pro X and the inclusion of customizable headbands and unique microphone covers that could serve as 3D emojis, this might become the most popular headset for streamers. The G915 TKL LIGHTSPEED Keyboard looks fantastic with the brushed silver and the white keycaps. Hopefully, more colors for this will come. The lilac on the G203 LIGHTSYNC Mouse looks nice and is a good accentuation piece, but a matching color for the G305 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Mouse would match better with the G733.