Law, Justice Are Not the Same in Lacuna Trailer

Assemble Entertainment has a new game in the works, and this time it appears to be a noir thriller of some sort. Lacuna: A Sci-Fi Noir Adventure puts players into the trench coat of CDI agent Neil Conrad as he navigates an ever deepening rabbit hole of corruption. He’ll have many tough choices to make along the way, and it’s up to the player to ensure that he chooses wisely. This doesn’t appear to be a very bright future, so choosing poorly will likely cost Neil a lot more than his badge.

On its Steam page, Lacuna is described as a point-and-click adventure sans the pointing and clicking. Players will move their character with normal keyboard controls. This isn’t the only difference though; it appears that Assemble Entertainment is doing its best to nix all of the genre’s traditional weaknesses. Dialog choices matter; players won’t be able to simple cycle through all possible options. Puzzles supposedly won’t grind the story to a halt, and supposedly the Lacuna’s many endings come from the sum of players’ choices rather than one or two binary decisions.

These are big goals, so hopefully Lacuna is able to deliver on them when it releases for PC in Summer 2021.